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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  March 16, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. gayle. >> and i am gene ramirez. the 2016 presidential race. on the republican side this morning, only three candidates remain. donald trump added wins in four of the five states voting, that includes a big win in florida, forcing our senator ruin rebbe to end his campaign. ohio governor john kasich continues his campaign today after winning his home state. and senator ted cruz refusing to give up, despite some disappointing results.
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hillary rodham clinton moves closer to securing the nomination. she swept the primary, winning all five states. missouri is still very close at this point but nbc news projecting a clinton win there. clinton's big night dealt a big blow to her opponent, senator bernie sanders. let's get a check on your weather with storm team 8 meteorologist leigh spann. >> today fog going to be the big issue again. there's a dense fog advisory for the near shore waters and starting to see fog in brandon and lakeland and of course in sarasota up totowards st. petersburg. remember yesterday the fog completely shut down the sunshine skyway bridge for hours and hours into the afternoon. so what i am going to do is shshow you the fog forecast. . this is the visibility. this shows you how far you will be able to see into the fog and it's only going to get thicker between now and about 7:30 whenen
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after 7:30, places along and east of i-75 will start to break that fog up. this is about 9:30. but notice once again along the coast all day, fog may continue to be an issue. where you see the sunshine, it's going to be warm, 82 degrees, very steamy. and in weather and traffic on the 8s at 4:08, i take you hour- by-hour through the fog and again, fog is going to be a big hindrance. >> definitely. the sunshine skyway bridge, open. traffic-wise. the veterans expressway, completely blocked from van dyke to dale mabry. that's a long closure but it's all ovovernight closures. it should wrap up by 6:00. dale mabry highway is the alternate or perhaps shelton headed. sarasota at university parkwaway, remains blocked both directions underneath t the interstate and
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there's the skyway bridge, folks. foggy but open. that's weather and traffic. back to adrienne and gene. >> thank you. in your vote, a big nigh night for the two front-runners in the presidential race. >> yeah, and in the end, democrat hillary rodham clinton and republican donald trump came out with the most wins. on thehe republican side, trump won decisively in florida forcing our own senator marco rubio to abandon his run for the white house. and trump racked up big wins in north carolina, illinois and missouri. and then there's ohio's governor, john kasich. he is still in this after winning his home state. >> and on the democratic side, hillary rodham clinton swept the primaries. she won in florida, ohio, north carolina, illinois and nbc news reporting a win in missouri. it's still veryry close though, even this minute in that state. and those wins deal a serious blow to senator bernie sanders' hopes of becoming the democratic nominee.
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role in the campaign. it's a winner-take-all state so that means it was make it or break it for senator rubio. we have team coverage of the results and reaction from the candidates. we begin with paul mueller who was there in palm beach county when trump gave his victory speech. >> reporter: well, good morning. a big night for donald trump here in palm beach last night. the victory speech where he thanked his family and supporters and even marco rubio who he beat by nearly 500,000 votes last night. and trump took home the winner- takes-all state with all 99 delegates. from here, it wasn't the typical trump. he didn't take any jabs as he is known for doing. he talked about how he can make the country great, ready to secure the border, rebuilding the military and taking care of veterans. bottom line, he says this
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>> everybody agrees the money should come back. there's $2.5 trillion outside this country. everybody agrees that the money should be here and the politicians for three years haven't been able to make the deal. [ applause ] >> and we could make a deal. there's an example of something we could do. if i sat down with a few senators and congressmen, you could make a deal on that in 10 minutes if you knew what you were doing. >> reporter: where do we go from here? that's the big question. the next primary is a week from saturday and the magic number here is 1,237. trump came into tonight with more delegates than anyone else and leaves the same way. in palm beach, paul mueller, news channel 8. >> thank you. trump's big win a major blow to the mamarco rubio campaign. . this morning our senator is no longer a presidential candidate. news channel 8's candace mccowan was with senator rubio in miami when he made the announcement to end his campaign.
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it was within minutes of the final florida polls closing that marco rubio took the stage at his event tuesday night. the crowd, many supporters, were quite emotional and many sighing as they saw the election results come in. rubio was frank tuesday night as he said that he would suspend his race for the presidency. >> the easiest thing to have done in this campaign is to jump on all those anxieties i just talked about, to make people actier and more frustrated. but i chose a different route and i'm proud of that. >> reporter: and rubio didn't shut off the possibility that he could run for office in the future. in miami, candace mccowan, back to you. >> all right. thank you. now for the democrat, hillary rodham clinton now has an even bigger delegate lead over senator bernie sanderers is. she claimed victory in all five states.
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the democratic candidate thanks her supporters from palm beach. >> reporter: good morn toking to you. what a night it was last night. the crowds so excited to see hillary rodham clinton and it was deafening, the applause so loloud as the candidate gave her supporters exactly what they wanted, excitement. >> thank you! thank you so much! >> reporter: when she took the stage, hillary rodham clinton got a rock star's welcome. supporters cheer, chanting, clapping, absolutely thrilled to get up close and personal with their pick for president. and they tell us, it was well worth the wait on this premary day as they reveled in her words and stood shoulder to shoulder listening to her victory speech. >> you know, because of all of you and our supporters across the country, our campaign has earned more votes than any other candidate, democrat or republican.
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>> i've never had more faith in our future and if we work together, if we go forward in this the campaign, if we win in november, i know our future will be brighter tomorrow than yesterday! thank you all so very much! >> reporter: clinton took a few moments to make her way through the crowd and take pictures with supporters and she took time during her speech to compliment senator bernie sanders calling his efforts vigorous and describing this as the most consequential campaign of our lifetimes. this morning the big question is, what is next for hillary rodham clinton after the big win in florida? that could be summed up in two word, more campaigning. bubut first, she is headaded to new york for much needed rest she says then back on the campaign trail as she heads out west to arizona. i'm melanie michael, now back to you. >> thank you. let's get a check on the. with you're looking at fog
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-- on the weather. you're looking at fofog again this morning. >> we still have the dense fog advisory for mainly sea fog, along the coast and out in the gulf of mexico. that goes until 11:00 a.m. just like yesterday, the sea fog will hang tough throughout most of the day. the rest of us, the fog will burn off around 9:00 a.m. like it typically does. and now just to let you know f you're along the coast and -- know, if you're along the coast, you will see highs in the e upper 70s. dense fog totoday and expected again tomorrow. as far as rain chance, i bring them up friday and especially for yoyour weekend. that's where you have the better rain chances and that's going to lead to below average temperatures next week. look at this, 82 today. 80 tomorrow. 79 friday. and only 72 below average on sunday. we will check in now with traffic on the 8s because fog
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>> it's a big deal right now. the skyway bridge is open but it's very foggy. it. meanwhile, let's look further to the south on the ground here in pinellas county. foggy here. so from about this area to the skyway bridge, veryry thick fog just above the interstate. and construction southbound on the veterans expressway, all lanes are blocked here between highway. what i want you to do, at least the exit to dale mabry, take dale mabry instead. this should wrap up in about an hour and a half or so. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. >> thank you. the strawberry festival is over but plant city is still talking about it. >> that's right. how the festival made sweet history and even broke some records. and a wild chase on the
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what one deputy's body cam
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this is body cam video from a pasco county deputy. wait till you see what it captures the moment of impact, the deputy crashes into a work truck to make it come to a stop. inside, christopher coconte. he rammed the depuputy's cruiser and put other drivers in danger. news channel 8's ryan hughes, plains how the wild scene unfolded. . >> reporter: good morning. this is wild for sure. he drove fast, swerved around cops and rammed a cruiser all while people were headed home from work and school. thing, drugs. >> got him. got him. got him. >> reporter: christopher conte raced through the streets of new port richey with no regard for others. intense moments. >> there could have been a family coming home from practice, picking up the kids at day care and this individual would have, you know, destroyed that vehicle.
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trtried to pull him over. he wouldn't stop. deputies joined in and it was an all-out effort. speeds reached up to 60 miles per hour around dinner time and he hit a cruiser. >> i see him looking forward and his eyes, they got pretty big so where he knew he had to either come back on to the road or he was going to go into the ditch. i visually saw him rip on the wheel and turn into my vehicle. >> reporter: eventually stop sticks took out his tires and deputies wrestled him to the ground. he admitted drugs were to blame. >> i'm drugged out of my mind. >> yeah. >> reporter: thankfully no one was hurt in the incident. he is charged with aggravated battery on a law enfoforcement officer, drug potation and fleeing and e -- drug possession and fleeing and eluding. >> yeah, drugged out of my mine. quite the admission caught on camera. thank you. happening today, a man accused of torturing and killing two gay men is expected in court.
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hillsborough county which happened in 2003 continue to get a lot of attention. he is already convicted on federal charges of drugging both victims. he now faces murder charges for the pair. well the case of a homeowner who shot and killed an intruder is now under review by the state attorney's office. this happened on central avenue and tampa heights. police report a man broke into the home in broad daylight. the homeowner was there and grabbed hihis gun and shot the man. police think it was a random break-in and they did not arrest the homeowner. plant city, you have a lot to be proud of this morning. the strawberry festival is over and the 11-day event brought in 56,487 visitors. that's a lot. the event manager paul davis tells us that the concert, livestock shows and rides and foods were a big success. the 2017 festival is set for march 2nd through march 12th.
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and legoland fan, we have big news for you. get ready for its biggest expansion yet. a new 3d virtual reality ride and a new hotel. it will have 166 rooms and will be open sometime next year. happening today, the pinellas county traffic division will be at pinellas park middle school at 3:00 p.m. to give bike lights to students and help them install them. . it's part of a safety effort with the florida department of transportation. so far, 800 lights have been given out to 17 is schools. the state purchased the l.e.d. lights with a federal grant. state law requires bikes to have front and rear bike lights at night. a hikeker in israel made quite the find, a rare 2,000-0- year-old gold coin. let's take a look here. the coin was found in eaeastern city.
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and there's only one other coin like it in the world and that's in a british museum. and for this coin, the hiker turned it over to authorities. i wonder if he got money for that. . >> yeah, i bet that's worth a lot of coin right there. >> nice. nice. >> all right. can't t follow that one. i'm in a fog today. well, a lot of us are in the fog. especially along the coast. there's a dense e fog advisory for the near shore waters. and inland fog starting to develop. only three-quarters of a mile visibility in lakeland. thicker fog in brooksville. sarasota into st. petersburg, right where it was thick yesterday and where the sunshine skyway bridge bridge was closed yesterday, it's still open now. cloudsds begin to break up for most of us at lunchtime. and we get to 82 degrees at 4:00 p.m. in fact, it's warm now, upper 60s to lower 70s.
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today warm and dry and tomorrow only ababout a 10% rain chance as the front stalls to the north. and then slowly sneaks out so that the rain chance goes up a bit more friday. and an area of low pressure bringing rain chances through saturday and into sunday but significantly cooler next week. very foggy out there on the roadways. we've got some overnight construction, folks, so it could hinder your drive if you're used to taking the veterans expressway. it's actually both direction, not just southbound but northbound too on the veterans expressway between van dyke and the dale mabry highway exits, it is completely blocked. take dale mabry or go to gunn highway. meliek on the street is right before the sunshine skyway bridge and you can see it is
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the flashing lights to the left, that's just telling you about overnight construction. you can get by, the sunshine skyway bridge is open and this is not too the far away from the fishing pier. but thick fog. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. >> thank you. the white house is getting ready for st. patrick's day. >> that's right. what's going green. but first, amazon's big business move to change the way we pay. we will explain what the online retailer is s doing. don't forget to catch up with me on social media. you know, i'm about to post on my facecebook some great pictures from last night in palm beach where donald trump gave his victory speech. what about the fashion involved in this? wait till you see what everybody in palm beach was
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wewell, am son is waiting to hear back on a patent for technology that would allow customers to pay for a selfie. they filed the application for a payment system that would allow customers to complete purchases with a selfie photo of video. it replaces passwords which can be hard to remember. users would take one photo the to prove their identity and then a second to prove they're e actually human. the federal reserve chair is expected to give a respononse today on interest rates.s. in the last meeting in january, the cocommittee decided to kekeep
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after they were raised in december of last year. she is expected to give her time. the st. patrick's day spirit is flowing at the white house this morning. the fountain on the south lawn is green in honor of the irish holiday. the irish prime minister and president barack obama attended the annunual friends of ireland luncheon. first lady michelle obama tradition in 2009. >> can you imagine them tossing around cabbage in the blue room. >> but they came from chicago and it's a huge tradition there. >> it is. weather and traffic c on the 8s in three minutes. plus, spring break season. how local law enforcement is trying to keep things from getting out of hand on the beaches. and a mom gets creative in teaching her toddler to eat without making a mess. the invention she hopes will help. you're watching news channel 8
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it is s time for weather and traffic on the 8s on this very foggy wednesday morning. here's a live look from sun toyota in new port richey and even before the sun comes up, you can see how hazy it. is remind the kids to stay far away from the street because it's hard to see. and not to mention, it's also still dark. 70 degrees, warm. more sunshine by the afternoon and above average at 28 degrees. and now notice how the rain chances start to increase, 30% friday. 50% saturday. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? overnight construction has expressway completely blocked between van dyke and dale mabry here. so take gunn highway which is also sheldon road or dale mabry highway until it reopopens. meliek on the street, he is at the southern end of pinenellas county before you get on the hump of the susunshine skyway bridge. not too far away from the fishing pier.
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foggy out there on 275. the sunshine skyway bridge does remain open but again, very thick fog so use caution as you move across it. all right. let's go back to the maps nonow. we have construction here tying up lanes university parkway right underneath i-75.
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good morning. it's 4:30. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm adrienne pedersen in for gayle this morning. in our top story, florida senator marco rubio is out of the race for the white house. the senator suspended his campaign after losing the primary here in his home state. donald trump and hillary rodham clinton are the big winners this morning, both winning in florida and multiple other states. new overnight, a man is in custody this morning after trying to break into a restaurant on kennedy boulevard in tampa. this happened just after 1:00 this morning.


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